Microdermabrasion is a safe, simple way to improve your complexion. The procedure can help correct minor skin damage and allow for better penetration of quality cosmeceuticals. If you would like a skin renewal treatment that is low risk and has no downtime, microdermabrasion may be just right for you.

A series of microdermabrasion treatments are best for improving sun damage and other superficial skin issues like hyperpigmentation, mild acne, blemishes, fine lines and enlarged pores. You can treat the face, chest, neck, back, arms, and hands.

The treatment provides a thorough but gentle exfoliation. Because it works at the superficial level of the skin, even some sensitive areas can be treated. There's no pain, so you won't need anesthesia.

What to Expect During Microdermabrasion

What is it? Clinical exfoliation procedure that uses a stream of crystals to gently resurface the outer skin layer.
Inpatient / Outpatient Outpatient office procedure
Treatment time: 30 to 45 minutes
Recovery time: No downtime

During microdermabrasion treatment, the patient lies comfortably as the technician operates the microdermabrasion device. A hand piece is used to blow a stream of abrasive crystals onto the skin, which are then quickly suctioned off. With uniform motions, the technician passes the handpiece over the skin as it exfoliates.

The suction can be controlled and the technician can decide how many passes to make over the treatment area. This allows the treatment to be customized. Increasing suction and passes over the skin can provide a more aggressive microdermabrasion treatment. Patients who want a gentle treatment have that option as well.

After microdermabrasion, you will be advised to protect your skin from the sun. This will promote long-lasting results and prevent sun damage. Your skin may have a slightly pink color, but you can return to your routine right away. A series of microdermabrasion treatments is usually recommended. After achieving your desired results, you can return to our Tucson office for maintenance sessions.

Microdermabrasion FAQ

What does microdermabrasion feel like?

There is almost no discomfort in microdermabrasion, meaning you won't need a topical or local anesthetic and there is no recovery or downtime.

You may feel a mild scratching as the procedure removes the superficial skin cells. Additionally, you'll notice a vibrating sensation akin to a massage. There is also a suction mechanism to lift off the dead skin.

What can microdermabrasion treat?

Microdermabrasion is used to treat light scarring, discoloration and sun damage. There's even microdermabrasion for stretch marks.

How does microdermabrasion work?

Imagine a very fine sand blaster and you'll get a picture of how microdermabrasion works. It uses microparticles, or a diamond-tipped wand, to slough off the top layer (epidermis) of your skin and stimulate new skin growth. This technique also helps to thicken your collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion. Collagen is a protein in your skin that's abundant when you're a child and makes skin appear taut and smooth. Collagen production declines as we age, resulting in looser, uneven skin.

Does microdermabrasion have any side effects?

Side effects can include redness and swelling, which should subside within a few hours. Later, you can expect the skin to be flaky and dry for several days. Additional effects include bruising from the suction, which may last several days, and sensitivity to sun exposure. Remember to use sunscreen, especially right after your microdermabrasion session.

Scheduling Your Microdermabrasion in Tucson, AZ

If you are ready to discuss microdermabrasion with a board certified plastic surgeon, we encourage you to call the office of Dr. Armando Alfaro in Tucson, AZ. Dr. Alfaro can answer your questions and discuss the details of this procedure. Call our office at 520-323-9720 to schedule a consultation.