Facial rejuvenation surgery, as performed by skilled ASPS plastic surgeon Dr. Armando Alfaro is designed to streamline the features of your face and reduce the visible signs of aging. In addition to minimizing facial sagging and wrinkles, Dr. Alfaro can improve the shape and projection of prominent facial features like the nose, chin and cheeks.


Cheek Implants

A gaunt appearance or cheeks that appear sunken can be remedied with a cheek implant procedure performed by Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro. By inserting implants into the cheeks, Dr. Alfaro is able to help patients realize cheeks that are fuller.

In effect, full cheeks can help you look younger and healthier. Though Dr. Alfaro also offers injectable fillers to add volume to areas of the face, implants are the only means to achieve lasting fullness.

Chin Surgery

A chin that is too small compared to the rest of the face or that a patient feels is underdeveloped can be improved through chin surgery performed by Tucson board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro.

By performing chin surgery in his state of the art office surgical facility, Dr. Alfaro is able to improve the harmony of your facial features. Following your chin surgery in Tucson, your underdeveloped chin will be normalized and your profile will be improved.


Patients who are used to exposing their skin to the sun can benefit from dermabrasion treatments with Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro. Dermabrasion works to remove the outer layers of skin that may be damaged from the sun or other harsh elements.

By sloughing off these damaged skin cells, your skin begins a regenerative process that allows new skin cells to come to the surface. The result is skin that is smoother and healthier.

Ear Surgery

Plastic surgeons frequently perform ear surgery, which includes deformity repair and earlobe repair. If your ears are injured or exhibit a cosmetic defect, Dr. Alfaro can perform one of these surgeries for you. Most ear surgeries are very simple and leave minimal or no scarring.

Options Dr. Alfaro performs are those to correct overly large, protruding ears, or a correction of a torn or stretched earlobe, normalizing appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

The eyes tell a lot about a person, but eyelids that look droopy or exhibit pockets of fat may tell a story you do not desire. For patients who struggle with aged looking eyes, Tucson board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro performs eyelid surgery.

This advanced cosmetic procedure works to remove loose skin and fat around the eyes. By doing so, you can achieve eyes that look younger and make you appear better rested. Many patients also exhibit an improvement in self-image, as well.


For patients whose faces have begun to show signs of jowls and loose skin, Tucson board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Armando Alfaro offers a facelift. By tightening and toning loose skin on the lower face and neck, a facelift by Dr. Alfaro can help you look years younger, on average.

In addition to the cosmetic improvements you can achieve through a facelift, you may also anticipate an improvement in self-confidence-a positive change that others may notice as well.

Fat Injection

As the face ages, it begins to lose key volume that adds to its appearance of youthfulness-the only way to correct this issue is through intervention by a plastic surgeon. In his Tucson plastic surgery practice, Dr. Alfaro offers fat injection treatments.

By using your own excess fat stores from a harvest site on your body, Dr. Alfaro is able to smooth the skin of your face, eliminating many wrinkles and restore lost volume. Both of these benefits will help you take years off your apparent age.

Forehead Lift

If you struggle with a descending brow that makes your eyes appear hooded and may even impede your vision, a forehead lift performed by Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro can correct this condition.

By removing and lifting sagging tissues on your upper face and brow area, Dr. Alfaro can achieve a brow and eye area that looks younger and more rested. You can likely also experience renewed self-confidence following your successful plastic surgery in Tucson.

Neck Contouring

A neck that has begun to sag with age, or exhibits banding, can be dramatically improved with a neck contouring procedure performed by Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro.

By accessing the tissues and muscles of your neck, Dr. Alfaro is able to remove the excess that contributes to the sagging quality and lift remaining tissues for a smoother appearance. At the

Nose Surgery

Patients who feel their nose is misshapen or out of proportion with their other facial features often choose nose surgery as performed by Tucson board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro.

By adjusting the shape and size of a person's nose, Dr. Alfaro not only achieves greater facial harmony for the patient, but can help the patient experience increased self-esteem. Some patients who undergo successful nose surgeries may count the procedure as "life changing."

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