Dr. Alfaro performs breast surgery in Tucson to help women realize breasts that better fit their frame and reflect the appearance they wish to have. For women who have overly large or sagging breasts, Dr. Alfaro can perform lift or reduction surgeries. Breast implants can be used to improve breast shape and projection.


Breast Augmentation

Patients who experience a dissatisfaction with their breast size and projection often choose to correct the issue with the popular breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Alfaro offers breast augmentation to patients who feel their breasts are undersized.

As a skilled ASPS board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alfaro conducts breast augmentation on a very individual level. He is able to help meet each patient's cosmetic goals for their breasts by varying aspects such as implant size, position and incision location, among other options.

Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal is a relatively simply procedure that patients choose if they are no longer satisfied with their breast augmentation.

During surgery, Dr. Alfaro can also address cosmetic concerns related to the breasts. It is common to exchange the breast implants or perform a breast lift during the same operation.

Breast Lift

Patients of a certain age, or who have lost a large amount of weight may choose to undergo a breast lift to correct breasts that have begun to sag or have lost volume. Dr. Alfaro offers breast lift surgeries to women who struggle with this problem. By removing loose tissues and skin that lead to the appearance of aged breasts, Dr. Alfaro is able to help women realize breasts that look younger and fuller.

In some cases, a breast lift may be performed as a part of a suite of body contouring surgeries, which patients often find a necessity after bariatric surgery.

Breast Reduction

Women and even teen girls who struggle with overly large breasts may choose to undergo a transformative breast reduction surgery. For patients who deal with this issue, ASPS board certified Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro performs breast reduction surgery.

By deciding to undergo this procedure, patients are able to realize breasts that are normalized in size and appearance. After the procedure, patients can experience a decrease in back and neck pain associated with the overly large breasts and an improvement in their health, as the breast folds will be less susceptible to infection.

Learn More About Breast Surgery in Tucson

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