Body Contouring After Weight Loss



In a body lift, a circumferential incision removes an apron of loose skin and fat and tightens tissues of the buttocks, abdomen, waist, hips and thighs in one procedure.



Arm lift surgery tightens loose, hanging tissue of the upper arm.



Thigh lift reshapes the thighs by reducing excess skin and fat for smoother skin and better-proportioned lower body contours.

Post-Bariatric Body Contouring

After losing a great deal of weight, patients often struggle with the reality of excess skin-a reality that requires body contouring surgeries to correct.

In a certified outpatient surgical facility, Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro offers a range of body contouring procedures. These procedures focus on ridding specific areas of the body of excess skin and stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise.

Following body contouring, patients often experience a renewed self-confidence and find that shopping for clothing is an easier endeavor.

What to Expect During Body Contouring

What is it?

Body contouring is a suite of surgical procedures Dr. Alfaro performs to remove loose skin from your body after weight loss. To achieve optimal slimming, some fat may be removed as well.


Outpatient (in most cases)

Surgery time:

up to 5 hours

Recovery time:

up to 4 weeks

How Body Contouring Works

Depending on the area to be treated, as well as other factors, you will be administered a local anesthetic with sedation or a general anesthetic by Dr. Alfaro's anesthesiologist. For either option, you can expect to sleep through the procedure. Each body contouring procedure is performed differently, but here are some of the most popular surgeries.

Following any of these body contouring procedures, you will likely need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to maintain the new shape of your body. In the initial healing period, your activity will need to be limited.

Swelling will be present, but will dissipate over the first week or two. If you experience discomfort, Dr. Alfaro may prescribe medication to help you manage it. As long as you maintain a healthy routine, including diet and exercise, you should see the results of your body contouring procedure lasting a long time.

Body Contouring FAQ

What is body contouring?

Body contouring after major weight loss improves the shape and tone of your underlying tissue that supports fat and skin and removes excess sagging fat and skin.

What happens if I gain weight after body contouring?

If you rapidly regain the weight, you will traumatically stress your already weakened and thinned skin, causing further stress to the skin, visible stretch marks and wide scars.

What happens if I lose weight after body contouring?

If you continue to lose weight, sagging pockets will redevelop.

Who is a good candidate for body contouring?

The best candidates are adults who are 1) at a stable body weight, 2) healthy and do not have medical conditions that impair healing or increase risks of body contouring, 3) non-smokers, 4) motivated and have realistic goals 5) committed to a healthy lifestyle.

What are the risks of body contouring?

Risks include visible scarring, bleeding (hematoma), infection, fluid accumulation, poor healing, skin loss, blood clots, numbness or other changes in skin sensation, anesthesia risks, skin discoloration and/or prolonged swelling, fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die (fat necrosis), major wound separation, asymmetry, recurrent looseness of skin, pain, which may persist, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications, persistent swelling in the legs and possibility of revisional surgery.

When will I see results and how long do they last?

The results of a body contouring are visible almost immediately. But it may take a year or two before you can appreciate the final results of all procedures. Scars will remain, but your results are long lasting as long as you maintain a stable weight and healthy lifestyle.

How much does body contouring cost?

The cost of body contouring will vary widely, depending on the surgeon, facility, and the individual procedures that are performed. Ask us about financing your procedure if necessary. Most health insurance providers do not pay for the cost of body contouring because it is considered elective surgery.

Scheduling Your Body Contouring in Tucson

To learn more about any of these body contouring procedures, we encourage you to visit their dedicated pages. You can also call us at (520) 323-9720 to learn about how board certified Tucson plastic surgeon Dr. Alfaro performs these procedures in his practice. Email us in Tucson for more information.